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The reason for this is due to how type was designed for generations.Sans-serif typefaces always feel modern or futuristic because relatively speaking they’re a new phenomenon, really hitting their stride in the late-1800s.It’s also one of the easiest ways to either improve or damage the usability of your game.

All of this was just a brief overview, and there’s a lot more you could learn, if you’re interested.See below: As you can see, there are subtle differences depending on what use-case the typeface was designed for.Display typefaces are intended for large type and as such tend to have more delicate features or intricate designs.Often, a Cruel Twist Ending is what happens when a writer attempts a Karmic Twist Ending, but fails to carry it off.It can be used for cruel irony and very dark humour but has to be undeserved and unsatisfying in order to be different from the karmic one.

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