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However, following a walkout by journalists from the press galleries of the National Assembly and the Senate, both houses passed resolutions condemning the killing of a journalist, Rehmatullah Abid, in Panjgur, Balochistan, on Saturday evening by gunmen on a motorcycle.

Just before the house was adjourned until 11am on Tuesday, PML-N lawmakers staged a protest walkout after the chair cut short a party member’s speech complaining non-release of funds allocated by the prime minister for development schemes in their constituencies.

The statement said Pakistan and Afghanistan have agreed to maintain a ceasefire in the border town of Chaman, where nine Pakistanis and six Afghans were killed on May 5.

In Vilamoura you will also find a shooting range, tennis and riding schools, a cinema and a bowling club.During a visit to Multan on Saturday, President Zardari was quoted by news reports as telling PPP parliamentarians there that the government was working on a plan to pose a legal challenge to Mr Gilani’s disqualification.The key two sub-clauses of the two-clause bill says: (1) Notwithstanding anything contained in any law for the time being in force or any order or judgment of the Supreme Court, anything done, functions including parliamentary functions, actions performed, actions taken, orders passed, directions issued, instruments made, Mo Us executed, national and international commitments made, process or communication issued, advice given to the president in any matter, including in respect of acts and ordinances, SROs and other legal instruments issued, powers confirmed, assumed or exercised, or appointments made, by Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, prime minister of Pakistan from to (both days inclusive) shall be deemed to have been validly done, performed, taken, passed, issued, made, given, confirmed, assumed, executed, exercised and provisions of this act shall have, and shall be deemed to have had, effect accordingly.Mr Naek noted that the PML-N had not objected to a similar protection given to post-Oct 4, 2007 actions of the government or a regulator of trade organisations while unanimously passing another government bill shortly before to provide for the registration and regulation of trade organisations in place of a 2007 ordinance and said he wondered why an objection was raised to the second bill.Mr Ghafoor dismissed criticism of Mr Gilani for continuing to act prime minister after his conviction for contempt of court for refusing to write to Swiss authorities to reopen disputed money-laundering charges against President Asif Ali Zardari dating to 1990s on ground of a presidential immunity, noting that the seven-member bench that tried him had not removed him from office and only referred the question of sending a reference to the Election Commission to the National Assembly speaker.

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