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See what happens when you are your own copy editor! But I was not there for the toys, I was there to support the Robotics Society of Southern California!On another note, the local robot club has begun the planning of the Riverside Robot Expo. In addition to our normal gaggles of robots, we will have battle-bot contests, flying robot battles and races, a FIRST robotics competition, and the Star Wars Reading day. The RSSC put on their unbelievable ROBOT THROWDOWN! There of course was head-to-head robot combat with the strong stifling stench of burning plastic, wood and of course li-po batteries! working on getting my "hoverboard" to run remotely so that I can put Robot Betty9 on it and let her run it.

The new Dragon capsule can land ANYWHERE, or at least it will be able to do that when it is finished. ____________________________________________________Well, March is almost gone and I'm just updating this today. I got a teeny tiny quad copter for christmas this year.--Thomas____________________________________________________This is the December 2013 issue of Robots and Androids!Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, please build a robot, just like that!The head of the company, Elon Musk, has put the excitement back into the space age! It's no bigger than my palm, runs about 5 minutes on a charge and is way too much fun!Lookout NASA, you might just become yesterday's news! The TV show “Biggest Nerd” has asked me if I know of any bright young (over 18) robot builders to compete on the show. At our Riverside Robotics Society, we had a great Christmas event with Santabot doing all his "Ho, ho, ho's" and Robot Betty9 singing Christmas carols.

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