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They had established a performance baseline with around 16-18K Batch Requests/ sec and observed when the workload exceeds 19-20K Batch Requests/sec, the application starts to see poor response time and timeouts.Based on the investigation by our CSS teams, it was found the workload was hitting memory object contention which is not partitioned in SQL Server 2008 R2 limiting the concurrency and scalability of the application.You also need to make sure SSMS is configured to allow "Edit All Rows" ... Rob If you need to frequently perform in-cell edits on SQL databases, Heidi SQL works a treat, couldn't be simpler to use, and is free / open source (donations accepted). See Modifying Data Through View MSDN Link for more information.to do this in SSMS - Tools | Options | SQL Server Object Explorer | Commands ... put a value of 0 in "Value for Edit Top n Rows command" ... Originally written for My SQL, it can now handle SQL Server, and has experimental (as of Aug 2014) Postgre SQL support as well. Copy and paste your code over the existing code and run again. Sherry ;-) If the query is written as a view, you can edit the view and update values. You can create view for the query and edit the 200 rows as given below: Why there is negative vote here. The question is about, how can we edit the resultset grid for whatever query output, he is getting.Installation of the Cumulative Update is similar to the installation of a Service Pack.

In most scenarios, customers choose to add new hardware as opposed to upgrading their SQL Server since the general perception is that cost of upgrade is high.Its true that we can right click the table and say open table to get an editable table output, but what I want is editable query output, only certain rows matching for my criteria, and edit them in the result grid.Can this possible inside Microsoft SQL server Management Studio Express?DMA is a complete rewrite and makeover of the SQL Upgrade Advisor tool.SQL Server Upgrade Advisor gave multiple reasons to not upgrade while the team has done great job with DMA to help identify blockers for upgrade and also provide guidance on how to overcome them.

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