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However, the XML Schema Language is much richer than DTDs.

For example, schemas written in the XML Schema Language can describe structural relationships and data types that can't be expressed (or can't easily be expressed) in DTDs.

You need to install webdriver with eclipse to run your script in webdriver.

Before running your first selenium webdriver test, you also need to download geckodriver to run your test in mozilla firefox browser. Download geckodriver After downloading geckodriver exe and installation of webdriver software testing tool, You need to write a java code in eclipse for your test case of software web application.

An XML document does not have to have a schema, but if it does, it must conform to that schema to be a valid XML document.One way to do this, perhaps the most typical way, is through parsers that conform to the Simple API for XML (SAX) or the Document Object Model (DOM).Both of these parsers are provided by Java API for XML Processing (JAXP).What this means is that developers can access and process XML data without having to know XML or XML processing.JAXB simplifies access to an XML document from a Java program by presenting the XML document to the program in a Java format.

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