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It’s past time we stopped pussyfooting around about this issue.Existential threats to a nation deserve existential truths in defiance.These Signs Are As Funny and Outrageous As You'll Ever See There are certain signs that you come across that leave you wondering what was going on in the mind of the person that put it up. Sometimes, parents try to recreate the efforts of professional photographers with children, but fail hopelessly. This Is What Happens When Statues Come to Life (Funny) These park statues were brought to life by an angel as a reward, but little did the angel know what they would get up to once they were vivified... Bob wonders how Jim has so much gusto at his age, and Jim reveals his secret. This Company Boss Is All Ears For a New Employee (Funny) A company boss that lost his ears in a terrible accident is interviewing candidates.

” Well, now you can say it, or to be precise, mail it.Want to ship something that will confuse the hell out of your friends, enemies, family, boss or co-workers for days, weeks, months, even years? To make things even more mysterious, the envelope is handwritten, and if you want to add extra suspense, you can order a whole fragile box filled with disappointment and emptiness.Ship them nothing and watch how crazy they will go trying to figure out what it might have been or who sent it! Glitter has a reputation for being impossible to clean up, which is why some call it the herpes of the craft world.The shiny stuff ends up all over your hands, your face, and your home, and it's all but impossible to get rid of.

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