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I think his sexuality matters to the people here a great deal.

They haven't had the privilege of being able to not give a fuck,like we have.

That's no better than the creepy shippers Bringing Lady Goodman's comments from the previous threads because they're very interesting.

Her cousin went to the RCS with Sam:[quote]"I started watching Outlander last year and commented on Facebook how much I enjoyed it. Bit of a risk this Late in the game."I'm at risk of being called a troll again because posting is outwith " Scottish time zones " but here I am again , seen a few comments here and there about Sam and G/F types, behaviour.

Seems to be less photo ops of them and online back and forth. Love Sam whatever his sexual orientation is and wish him all the best.

I think he has major star potential.[quote]well he has and does have very close female friends R15, yes, we have close female friends, too, but we have no interest in fucking them.

Maybe his team is reading DL and other comments sections and realizing she's bad for his career.Sam and Luke travelling together: The emoji was a man shrugging symbol,because he was asked "will you ever get a break?" He was obviously saying "who knows"Sam's gay from space,but let's not create stuff that isn't there.El Gamal calls the casting “subversive” especially given the material at hand. Think about how crazy people are about CB (even despite the Claire portrayal) and Sam. They are not only blind but also horrified to see him as a gay man.Queer actors are typically pigeonholed into playing roles that align with their gender and sexuality, but here, openly gay men play everything from heterosexual love interests to escape artists and ISIL villains. [quote]“It’s exciting to see that [Wentworth] coming out has not had any effect on how much people love the show,” El Gamal told Huff Post. It's so sad.[quote]They are not only blind but also horrified to see him as a gay man. You can hide your true self and try to please everyone, which ends up pissing off the people you care about or you can self-advocate and be the change you want to see in the world, which ends up pissing off the people you don't care about.[quote]The beard got a little out of control with liking a really ugly IG story on her BFF Paydin IG account.

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Sam to me is gay, not because I am or anyone else on this site who is gay believes it , but because he acts gay when out of character in his real life situations.

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