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But have you ever wondered about Chelsea's life off the screen?If you are interested to find out the information about her love life and her affair with her developer boyfriend, then you are at the right place.

An artificial soil was applied to some of the test paint surfaces which, together with an archival test painting dating from the 1970s, were used to evaluate the surface cleaning options.The use of oil-based paints has been the main process for painting since the middle-ages and remains ever popular today.As there are many examples of apparently well-preserved early oil paintings in museum collections, one might assume that oil painting is a well understood and time-tested painting technique.Recently, on April 29, 2017, Chelsea tweeted saying “To the stud that is ' Mr.Dreameeeeh” and thanked her Casualty co-star Richard Winsor for pretending to be her boyfriend for few months.

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To date, we have investigated a series of tiny paint samples removed from 24 oil paintings in Tate’s collection, which is beginning to inform our understanding of how the paintings were made, how they have aged, and to identify potential preservation challenges.

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