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When it comes to what people are looking for in a person, it's hard to give you a definate answer.I am sure there is a man who dosent care about height as long as you don't care about their pot belly or anything else that is wrong with them.Perhaps even schedule a double-date or a meet at a group gathering, like a POF party so no one feels cornered.In any event, I think your attitude is what can change a "maybe" into a "yes".Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I consider myself to be a beautiful, educated, loving & successful woman. If you have ever watched the show Little People Big World, that's me. My question is are there men out there that would seriously date a little person (me)? I wish I could tell you there's a surefire way to filter out the duds, but I don't think there is.however I sometimes feel like the odds are against me in this dating world because I am a little person. So many guys on here contact me on here before they read my whole profile. Like spam in your email, you just have to handle the bad ones on a case-by-case basis.

I am 4'11" and that has not stopped anyone from dating me, the tallest being 6'4".

Once they realize how tall I am they usually loose interest quickly. All I can suggest is do what feels comfortable for you in regard to meeting these guys.

Take a chapperone, a friend, bodyguard if necessary to watch you back.

I had complete strangers come up to me while she was in the coffee shop getting us a coffee and start makeing rude and unwanted coments about her and my hight(I'm 6 foot 3)about sexual positions and the likes and such.

I knew that she would have been upset if she heard the comments so I poped the guy in the mouth.

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