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There’s a good chance that you want to experience it and you want to experience it right now. There’s the element of surprise because in most cases, you don’t really know what to expect. You’ve probably had this fantasy of having no strings fun since you opened your eyes to the wonderful world, so why haven’t you experienced it yet?

Of course, there’s the fact that you’re getting it on with a complete stranger. Unfortunately for them, it will forever remain a fantasy for because they don’t know where to look.

Passionately burn the midnight oil with someone special. Not many have your stamina, so finding someone who can keep up with you is a chore.

You feel most energized once the sun goes down and you are ready to party all night long.

Since I already do tend to stay up late and sleep in late. With that continental shift, 7 days of the week system, eventually they get enough synchronized breaks where they have at least 3 totally free days together to stay home, drive out of town or go out for dinner during the week for some variety. But not a romance killer if everything else is right. Both of these ladies are gorgeous, slim, educated, 100% single with no kids.

Our principals directors have a proven track record in marketing, entertainment and within the modified auto industry.

We are all passionate about high performance vehicles and will promote an event to showcase those vehicles or motorcycles.

Night-Shift is a Sydney-based organization providing entertainment and recreational activities for car enthusiasts in safe, secure alcohol-free environments.

All Night-Shift events are conducted in high security environments with zero tolerance to alcohol abuse, drugs or hooliganism.

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