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At first the service was created to facilitate the application for and payment of microfinance loans, using basic SMS message transactions.

However, it became apparent that people who were taking on these small loans had discovered they could use the facility to send money to other people, which got Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph thinking about the wider applications of the technology.

Then we introduced the ability for people to save money sent through M-Pesa and there were 14 million bank accounts opened practically overnight.

” M-Pesa employs agents – more than 287,000 of them worldwide – who put the money on users’ mobile phones and help them send it to their families or use it to pay for services and items.

Of course, Vodafone doesn’t operate the service purely for philanthropic reasons.

It’s a common enough situation; young people have to find work in the cities but their families stay on their farms or in their homes far from the urban centres, and those who have left for work send back money to help them survive.

But the people the service was targeting were those who were ignored by the traditional banking system, because they had no access to branches and only small amounts of money.

Joseph says: “It used to be that in Kenya people kept their savings under the mattress, or buried it in a hole in the ground, or stuck it up a tree.

Let’s be clear; this is not hi-tech internet banking we’re talking about.

M-Pesa uses simple text messaging to transfer money and can be used on the most basic mobile handset.

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