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While Stonewall hopes to keep this information up to date and correct, Stonewall makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, or suitability with respect to the content or the information contained on this guide for any purpose. 57740 Honolulu Poison Control Center: 1-808-941-4411 Osaka Toxicity: 09, 06-871-9999 Stay calm.

Any reliance you place on this guide and information is therefore strictly at your own risk. ) Or call an appropriate emergency number Emergency Services Emergency Medical Interpretation Service (English/Spanish/Chinese/Korean/Thai) Monday to Friday 5pm – 10pm Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 9am – 10pm 03-5285-8185 Tokyo English-Speaking Police Telephone: 03-3501-0110 Days: Monday – Friday Hours: am – pm Drug Overdose & Poison Control Centers U. Always speak clearly and slowly when making an emergency call. “Mental health problems are common, so common in fact that when you look around you, one every four of those people you see will experience poor mental health at some point in their lifetime.

One of the greatest myths surrounding LGBT mental health is that being LGBT is the problem – when in fact it’s more likely that their wellbeing is being affected by common issues such as money worries, relationships, work stress, bereavements and so forth.

Often, what’s difficult to deal with is the way people get treated because of their sexual orientation, gender identity (or both).

However, depending on the skill and experience of the psychologists, the quality of service a patient receives can differ.

Psychiatrist services are covered by Japanese Health Insurance.

(One therapist, Kim Oswalt, is well known for her work with LGB and especially T clients.) ➤ Japan Healthcare Info: Can help find English-speaking medical providers in Japan and help make doctors appointments.

➤ AMDA International Medical Information Center: Help find medical providers in Japan who can speak English (or several other languages if needed) and free medical telephone interpretation. ml_lang=en ➤ Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center (Tokyo area only): Help find hospitals with English-speaking doctors in the Tokyo area.

If you have a physical symptom and general doctors do not know the cause or treatment for it, psychosomatic medicine clinic is a recommended place to visit.[…]” -Japan Health A Warning about Japanese Psychiatry “In Japan there’s no licensed therapist.

They have Psychiatrist who prescribes anti-depression if you’re depressed.

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