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It only means that both parties wants to keep the door open as an excuse for "smaller" infidelities, because none of them are really committed to the other.How we score The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert editorial and research teams.In the 21st century, with our increasingly digital lives, the once-clear line between monogamy and sexual or romantic infidelity has become rather blurry.

There you'll find Apple's three-pronged Smart Connector, which you'll use to connect the i Pad to whatever keyboard you end up choosing.Though it suffers from some of the same drawbacks as Apple's offering, it's still the clear winner, with handy shortcut keys, backlighting and a more comfortable typing experience. Because the Apple Pencil and any keyboard you choose to use will be sold separately, all you'll find inside the box will be a Lightning cable, a power brick and this oversized tablet.If you're looking to buy an i Pad Pro keyboard, this is the one you want. The build quality and design are the same as any other recent i Pad, with a unibody aluminum enclosure available in the usual colors: Silver, Gold and Space Gray.What I like most about this definition it that it applies equally to online and real-world behavior.Moreover, it is flexible depending on the relationship; it lets couples define their own version of fidelity based on what is important to them, as determined through honest, nonjudgmental discussions and mutual decision making.

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One partner has done something he or she thinks is perfectly normal and within the bounds of marital bliss, but the other partner feels deeply betrayed by the act, which results in profound emotional pain, sporadic rancor—sometimes simmering, sometimes explosive—and the loss of relationship trust and emotional intimacy.

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