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Sitting hidden inside the hot tub, Mark popped out from under a giant plant pot as the boys peered into the hot tub, not knowing how to react to the sand seemingly turning to liquid as the air was pumped in.Next availability week 10th February and 3rd March 2018 For another Remote detached cottage Sea Views Log Fire Sauna Hot Tub available week 27th January Click Here A Beautiful Self Catering Sea View Cottage at spectacular Dunnet Head, Northern Highlands, all modern Luxuries including outdoor Hot Tub, Sauna, Jacuzzi baths, Stove and Conservatory.

In the video, he then showed how he and his friends constructed the hot tub using copper pipes and a pressurized air canister.He then showed how weightless the sand really was when pumped full of air by showing various balls being slammed into the sand and then bouncing back to the surface with ease.However, the best part of the video is when his three nephews arrived to his house and Mark surprised them with the liquid sand hot tub.And the result is oddly mesmerizing to watch as those in the liquid sand seem to float and splash around like they would in water.However, Mark revealed that when the air is stopped from flowing into the sand, he is locked in, telling the camera, 'it's like a weighted blanket on every surface of your body'.

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'If you take a tub of sand like this and add air in just the right way, it basically becomes a liquified soup.'Explaining the the theory behind this, he said: 'In science this is known as a fluidized air bed.

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