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A laugh and a smile say a lot."Compliment he craves: "'I trust you.'"When you ask a girl out do you call or text?

"I ask in person."Dating deal breaker: "Talking about an ex on a first date" Name: Brent Ching Age: 34 Hometown: Honolulu Cosmo Username: HAWAIIBACH07 Occupation: Pediatric Dentist Personality profile: "I'm honest, uncomplicated, and truly blessed." In his downtime: "I go fishing with my friends." What he loves about his job: "Connecting with kids.

Maybe it's because of my profession, but I think a nice smile is a major turn-on."Girlfriend must-have: "Family is very important to me.

It's crucial for a woman who I'm interested in to feel the same way."Lustiest locale to show a girl: "There's this beautiful place on one of the islands where the water crests over lava rocks.

Then I would then tell her that it doesn't even come close to repaying her for raising me the right way- which she did largely on her own." His best gal pal: "My closest friend and roommate is a woman.

Even though she's the most energetic and upbeat person in the world, it can still be tough having a girl as a best friend.

I'd love to take the right woman there." Name: Ryan Smith Age: 33 Hometown: Kapaa, Chiropractor In his own words: "I'm an alpha male. But I'm also serious about taking care of people." Must love dogs: "I have a thing for animals, especially dogs.

But most of the time, we really are thinking about nothing!

I get frustrated with guys who are convinced we're a couple or the women I date who are wary of the fact that we live together." Crucial chick trait: "The number-one thing that I look for in a girl is genuine sweetness, the kind that can't be faked." Sexiest girl getup: "A baby tee and a pair of tight boxers." The sweetest way a woman wowed him: "While interning in Washington, DC, my then-girlfriend flew all the way over from Hawaii to come for a surprise visit!

It was really nice to have a familiar face from the opposite end of the country." Turn-him-off tactic: "It's fine for a girl to talk about herself, but I dislike when she exaggerates about how good she is, how much money she makes or how many guys want to be with her." Kiss bliss: "I'm a huge fan of very soft and slow kisses on the lips." Boy behavior decoded: "Girls often ask questions like, ' What are you thinking about?

I like it when they look forward to coming to my office." Not a first-move fella: "I'm really blind when it comes to knowing if a woman is interested in me. Then I can take it from there." Catch his eye by: "Flashing me an inviting smile.

Maybe it's because of my profession, but I think a nice smile is a major turn-on." Girlfriend must-have: "Family is very important to me.

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