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The big bear is surprisingly gentle, and he seems content to stand erect next to Rogers and eat nuts while the class members’ cameras click taking his photo.Burt keeps an ear and eye attuned to the nearby woods for other approaching bears, but he seems alternately apathetic to and engaged with the humans. Lynn Rogers says as he approaches a 350-pound wild black bear that he’s named Burt.Except instead of a tray, Rogers’ palm holds a single peanut.

Michael, the retired librarian, says, “I told my wife I’d be happy if I got to see just one bear.” Fifteen minutes after he arrives at the cabin, he stands next to Burt as his classmates snap photos to send to his wife who had given him the ,500 course as a gift. isn’t the friendliest of bears,” Johnson explains, “so Lynn doesn’t want people around her just in case. The results included the conclusions that bears who eat human food do not become addicted to it, and that the increasing number of bear and human interactions does not mean that the bear population is growing, but that “bears are adapting to take advantage of urban expansion,” according to reporters who went along a recent CPW visit to monitor the bears.

For four days, the students help Rogers and Mike Johnson (Rogers’ research assistant with the title of Scat Relocation Specialist) weigh, take vital signs, and make research notes for more than a dozen bears. (Colorado has a two-strikes’ policy regarding nuisance bears and their euthanizing.) The study also reported that the rising temperatures due to climate change shorten hibernation duration, thus increasing the possibility of bear-human interactions.

They also listen to lectures, both formally and informally, over three meals per day. , and in his 137 scientific peer-reviewed journal papers over his 50-year career.

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Rogers, 78, also known as “The Bear Man,” of the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely, Minnesota, is a legend among bear biologists and bear lovers. It’s me.” He approaches her with an outstretched hand of hazelnuts.

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