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Although a final report into the incident won't be issued for some time, according to an early report into incident, it's believed a fuel leak caused the blaze which saw the engine burn out and even part of the aircraft's hull melt away.

Shortly after the accident, most assumed the plane would be written off and never fly again, given the visible extent of the damage to the fuselage.

In any event, the flight schedules have never really made it feasible. Budget airline Norwegian is now offering day-return tickets to New York from just £259. We never seem to sleep anyway, so what does it matter?

So you fly out at 6am, arrive at 9.20am Eastern Standard Time and, in theory, have 13 hours and ten minutes to enjoy, embrace, admire, imbibe, buy, absorb and generally experience everything the Big Apple has to offer, before you jet home again in a brand new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. So earlier this week, with friends’ warnings ringing in my ears: ‘You’re mad. You’ll be so tired you won’t be able to walk,’ and: ‘Bet you a tenner you’ll be divorcing by the time you get back,’ I whisked off my husband Miles for a romantic away-day. After all, think of all the fabulous things we could do in 13 hours and ten minutes in The City That Never Sleeps; the art, the culture, the food!

Our Big Apple time is trickling through our fingers, so we start pruning our schedule. ’With time now very much of the essence, what could be better than a chopper ride to get our bearings? We’re being honked at and sworn at for ignoring the Walk/Don’t Walk signs. It is warm, dark, aromatic and wood-panelled with a mirrored wall of twinkling whiskeys and bourbons and an ancient barman called Brian, who makes the drinks strong enough to revive people who have been on the go for 19 hours.

After a half-an-hour spree, a smart new hat for Miles and pair of Ugg boots for me, a nice lady from the make-up counter called Stacie accosts me. Happily, we’re asleep before we have time to realise this.

We wake in time for breakfast feeling weirdly fine.

Lessons have been learned — we didn’t even manage a proper meal, for goodness’ sake.

It's been eight months since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie made their breakup official, and the fallout is still developing.

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