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Davis and daughters, Ennett, Pauline, Ethel May, and son, Robert returned to their homo In Pittsburg after spending the week with relatives in Dover and New Philadelphia.

Edwin Helmick returned home after spending the week end with relatives and friends in Canton Dr.

Scenarios for the Liberty Lean pictures were written by the best known editors of the country and by the best talent in the motion picture studios.

Every picture will not only contain the plea for purchase of Liberty Bonds but will be an interesting story in itself. During the three weeks of Ihe drivo—September 28 to October 19—-a different picture will be shown in each movie house in the country each night.

My doctor said he could do nothing more for me and I would have to go to the hospital for an operation, but ^ L y d i a E. Operations upon women in our hos- E itals are constantly on the increase, ut before submitting to an operation for ailments peculiar to their sex every woman owes it to herself to give that famous root and herb remedy, Lydia l5.

Three thousand copies of the pictures will be in constant circulation.

WEALTH PUT IN BONOS HASN' T BEEN MISSED America Has Hot Begun Yet to Really Sacrifice to Lend to Boys. There are also bat lies in the pantry, at the kitchen stove, and 011 the front piazza. Unless every person left in America gets into the fight, somewhere along the line, the soldiers at the front will have to fight just so much harder, just so much longer, lose so much more blood—give up so many more lives.

The women who stay at home are fighting—if they play a square game. Some are fighting harder than others because some sacrifice more than others in order to buy their bonds, but all are fighting, The boys are giving up—everything.

East Front street, have gone to Coshocton to spend a week with friends.

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BY DELLA THOMPSON LUTES Author of “My Boy in Khaki” and Editor of American Motherhood. Of course the war might be won if * you—just you did nothing to help. Lieser took a trip to Turkey- fool Lake Sunday in Mr.

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  1. Jim always enjoyed the outdoors, whether it was hunting and fishing with his buddys in the mountains of Montana when he was a younger man or getting to go pheasant hunting and walleye fishing with his family later in his life.