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Brienza also praises Hoshino's character designs, which she claims are "especially lovely and pitched to satisfy fans of both sexes". Gray-man is greatly influenced by her previous titles.

Characters are often carried over from unpublished manga Hoshino worked on early in her career. Gray-man and its predecessor Zone share many major concepts, such as the creation of demons known as akuma, the Exorcists' role to eliminate these demons, and the overall plot of both works.

She has also commented the series' main theme was "tragedy" but still aims to make it fun. Gray-man, Hoshino wishes to make a more lighthearted series.

In order to gather research for the series, Hoshino once visited New York as she believes the city left a deep influence in her works.

After graduating from high school, Hoshino did not know what career should she follow as she was offered the work of joining video game companies.

Ultimately, she decided to become a manga author despite her fears of the difficulty it takes. Gray-man has been put on hiatus many times; once due to Hoshino falling seriously ill with Norovirus and another because of an injury to her neck.

Her character designs received many positive comments ranging from "especially lovely" to "the most visually striking element" of her art and it is said that both male and female readers will enjoy the designs.

However, she has been just as highly criticized for her lack of skill in drawing action scenes, which leads one reviewer to believe she will not or cannot draw physical combat.

The reviewer Charles Tan from Comics feels the art deserves less praise, saying that it is done competently enough to distinguish characters while still providing flashy scenes with the common themes of a shōnen series.

Campbell, and the former apprentice of Exorcist General, Cross Marian making him part of the Marian Unit. Allen is a male teenager of average height (though Kanda often teases Allen about his height, Yu Kanda himself is a tall individual, so Allen's height is actually common for his age) with a lean, muscular physique, which, over the course of time, has become heavily marred with scars.

He has medium-length gray/white hair that has now grown to shoulder-length, silver/gray (purple in the Hallow anime) eyes, and his skin is somewhat pale.

It also won Webotaku's prize for Manga of the Year 2006.

Hoshino has been highly praised for her art, which has been compared to the works of Joe Madureira, Kelley Jones, and Chris Bachalo by one reviewer and described as "some of the best artwork in the business" by another.

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