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The University of Denver has a project on private security contractors – those who engage in fighting (sometimes known as “mercenaries”) and/or train foreign militaries.The Congressional Research Service, in April 2017, reported on defense contractor and troop levels in Afghanistan and Iraq over the previous ten years.The Senate mandated the annual report in 1974 and in recent years it has been prepared by a contracted think tank known as CNA (formerly the Center for Naval Analyses).

Both the 3rd SS Panzer Division of the Waffen-SS, and the World War II era Luftwaffe's 54th Bomber Wing Kampfgeschwader 54 were given the unit name "Totenkopf", and used a strikingly similar-looking graphic skull-crossbones insignia as the SS units of the same name.

Any reporter covering the military for the first time may struggle with some of the lingo: who is a soldier, an officer, a corporal or a captain, for example.

This Pentagon resource helps with ranks and insignias.

The Brunswick corps was provided with black uniforms, giving rise to their nickname, the Black Brunswickers.

Both hussar cavalry and infantry in the force wore a Totenkopf badge, either in mourning for the duke's father, Charles William Ferdinand, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, who had been killed at the Battle of Jena–Auerstedt in 1806, or according to some sources, as a sign of revenge against the French.

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It consists usually of the human skull with or without the mandible and often includes two crossed long-bones (femurs), most often depicted with the crossbones being behind some part of the skull.

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