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Texts are listed under the places and names of 21 libraries and 13 private collections where the documents are held, and publications under their authors. Abhandlungen, II, Band.) Wien, Prag, Leipzig, 1925.

connected with com - munal, business and family life, and colophons of books. (Museion, Veroffentlichungen aus der Nationalbibliothek in Wien.

Catalogus codicum Plagensium (Cp LJ manuscriptorum. Auctore Gode - friedo Vielhaber, supplevit, et edidit ... Ca - talogue entries for these may be found in: Catalogue methodique et raisonne des manuscrits de la Bibliotheque de la Ville et de I'Universite de Gand, par le Baron Jules de Saint-Genois. The Institute of Hebrew Manuscripts has copies of, or has listed, MSS.

Verzeichniss der Handschriften in der Bibliothek des Stiftes Ossegg, vom P. ( Xenia Bernardinajl, 1 .) BELGIUM Catalogue des manuscrits de la Bibliotheque Roy ale de Belgique, par J. (Ministere de l'lnterieur et de Plnstruction publique.) Bruxelles, 1904-. 1904.) Documents relatifs awe civilisations orientates. in Hebrew, some of which are in fact Latin works relating to Hebrew studies.

(public collections 3010-31 14, 4697-4699; private collections 31 15-3135). as well as printed books are listed in section II, nos. The Guide to Jewish libraries tabulates information on libraries in five continents. A survey of 'Sixty years of Genizah research' intended for the intelligent layman was published by Norman Golb in Judaism 6 (1 957), pp.

Shunami's well-known list of bibliographies contains titles of catalogues of MSS. and hundreds of thousands of Genizah fragments have already been photographed, and 7,000 more have been ordered. that have been copied, but also those of others which the Institute could not or did not wish to photograph, and the names of libraries, public and private, formerly or currently possessing Hebrew MSS. 2 HEBREW The countries covered by the Institute's operations are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany (Western sector only), Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, U. The remaining two parts are concerned with the Hebrew text of the Bible and with the translations of the Bible.

(Also with title in Hebrew: Reshimath tatslume kithbe-ha-yad ha'ivriyyim ba-Makon. His catalogue superseded earlier ones by Kraftt and Deutsch (1847), Goldenthal (1851), and his own earlier production of 1914. in 18 collections, the largest numbers being in the libraries of the Israelitischer Kultusgemeinde (207 items) and the Judisches Museum (38) Other libraries included were the university libraries at Innsbruck (no. 193-4), the libraries of three monastic foundations, and many private collectors, some of whom are not identified. Schorr Simhah Pinsker and Abraham Epstein: a catalogue in Hebrew by Jehudah Barbacn with the title Mazkir libhene resheph, had been published in 1869. (Menhardt XXIX.c.l 6, XXX.c.24, d.'l , 1 2, 24; XXXI. der Stiftskirche und des Kollegiatskapitels (Menhardt 19, 21 , 23, 27, 37, 41 .

in other libraries in Austria, in which he pro - vided descriptions of 283 MSS. 56.90) * Kremsiminster: Stift * Liechtenstein: Fiirstlich L. A-L 204-212 * (2) Archiv der Benediktinerabtei des Stiftes St. which are mentioned neither by Schwarz nor by the List of photocopies are: Klagenfurt, Bischofliche Bibl. 26, 38, 57, 91 , 1 10, 1 1 1, 151) Maria Saal (Karnten), Bibl.

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