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Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe The Virgo man may be intriguing to the Aries lady at first blush since he presents such a challenge, but this relationship is fraught with difficulties.

Just because something is a challenge doesn’t mean it’s worth pursuing.

your face looking a different color to the rest of your body (Trump, we’re looking at you), but it will also just look super unflattering.

Although your veins are blue, if you have a warm skin tone, the yellowy-golden tint of your skin will give the blue veins the appearance of having a green tinge – like looking at blue through a yellow filter. Your natural hair and eye colors are a key indicator of your skin tone: Cool tones: Hair: Brown, black or blond Eyes: Blue, grey, or green Warm tones: Hair: Red, brown, black or strawberry blonde Eyes: Brown, hazel, amber Do you have a penchant for gold or silver jewelry?The ram is liable to do a cannon ball into the hot tub and be blamed for making waves.This relationship may be very passionate to start with, but the more Virgo focuses on housework and the other minutae when Aries would rather take a roll in the hay, the quicker passion diminishes to a weak flame crying for help.Cool tones: Avoid yellow undertones, and steer away from orange tinges to your red lipstick.Reds with a blue undertone, berry hues, and rosy pink lipsticks will look best on you.

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Warm tones: If you love coral lipstick, chances are you have a warm undertone.

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