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The system never attained critical mass in the market before the release of the Play Station and Sega Saturn, and without strong leadership to drive a recovery, it failed and brought the company down with it.Released in 1989 in North America and Europe; later in Japan in 1990 by Atari Corporation, The Lynx is an 8 bit handheld game console that holds the distinction of being the world's first handheld electronic game system with a color LCD.It featured a 4x CD-ROM drive and a video output that could connect to a standard television monitor.Apple intended to license the technology to third parties; however, only two companies signed on, Bandai and Katz Media, while the only Pippin license to release a product to market was Bandai's.As a hit-driven business, the great majority of the video game industry's software releases have been commercial failures. and Pac-Man for the Atari 2600 contributed to the video game crash of 1983. Mical and the team behind the Amiga, and marketed by Electronic Arts founder Trip Hawkins, this "multimedia machine" released in 1993 was marketed as a family entertainment device and not just a video game console.In the early 21st century, industry commentators made these general estimates: 10% of published games generated 90% of revenue; Some of these have drastically changed the video game market since its birth in the late 1970s. Some games, despite being commercial failures, are well received by certain groups of gamers and are considered cult games. A commercial failure for a video game hardware platform is generally defined as a system that either fails to become adopted by a significant portion of the gaming marketplace or fails to win significant mindshare of the target audience, and may be characterized by significantly poor international sales and general financial unviability of development or support. Though it supported a vast library of games including many exceptional third party releases, a refusal to reduce pricing until almost the end of the product's life (699.95 USD at release) hampered sales.The CPC range fared little better, as 8-bit computers had been all but superseded by similarly priced 16-bit machines such as the Amiga, though software hacks now make the advanced console graphics and sound accessible to users.Pippin is a game console designed by Apple Computer and produced by Bandai (now Bandai Namco) in the mid-1990s based around a Power PC 603e processor and the Mac OS.

The system was originally developed by Epyx as the Handy Game.

This comprised the Amstrad CPC computers, including the same features as the existing CPCs, and the dedicated GX4000 console.

However, only a few months later the Mega Drive, a much-anticipated 16-bit console, was released in Europe, and the GX4000's aging 8-bit technology proved unable to compete.

Cartridges for games, cartoon (Winx Club, Sponge Bob Square Pants) episodes, and music videos were released on the handheld.

A cartridge for MP3 playback and a cartridge with a 1.3-megapixel camera were released as add-ons.

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Many of the games were also direct ports of existing CPC games (available more cheaply on tape or disc) with few if any graphical improvements.

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