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Pan tells Tech Crunch, “After we’re confident we’ve built out a great product experience for people, we’ll look into introducing businesses if it makes sense, and after that we’ll look at how we could potentially monetize the surface.” Facebook is betting big on Marketplace, considering its taking over a main spot in the navigation tab bar, replacing the Messenger shortcut in Facebook for i OS.That prime location could make Marketplace the digital version of impulse buys at the checkout counter.By building the Marketplace into where we already spend our time, it’s like setting up a farmer’s market in the center of town.Users might skim through Marketplace simply because they’re bored.In October 2015 Facebook began testing a “Local Market” feature that would evolve into the Marketplace launching today.“We show you the most relevant items for you, even if you don’t know what you want” said Pan Craigslist thrived in the US by being the lowest common commerce denominator.450 million people already visit “buy and sell” Groups on Facebook each month, and now the company is launching a whole tab in its app dedicated to peer-to-peer shopping.

It has incredible inertia, with buyers and sellers both gravitating back to it because it aggregates the most supply and demand, despite its lack of features.Thanks to the popularity of Messenger, buyers and sellers can easily chat without phone numbers.A competing commerce platform still might have to rely on Facebook for communication.There’s an unfortunate lack of a two-way rating system which helps discourage scamming and bad behavior.There’s also no native checkout option for transactions beyond ad-hoc payment through Messenger, which is annoying but promotes in-person exchanges instead of fraud-laden shipping.

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