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When he has learnt the first two rows add another row. Promise him that when he has learnt them all that he can keep the coins!

Could you teach him to count in 2s by counting 2p coins? Another way is to use a ruler as a number line and he calls out every other number starting with 2.

He needs to be able to know the full number sentence for school.

It also helps with division as he will already have the answer and just need to change the numbers around, eg 6%2=3.

Good luck x Hi - my dd (8) was really struggling with her tables.

My OH found a recommendation for this book: magic tables AND IT WORKS!!!

For the 2 times table, which acts as a foundation for all times table learning, tips include: - Being really consistent about how you practise saying the table (so try not to switch between " two twos are four" and "three times two is six") so your child doesn't get mixed up.

It can be very hard to go from counting in multiples (2, 4, 6, 8, etc) to saying the multiplication table, so take it slowly while they get to grips with a new skill.

I'ld try something visual and the same with division - get him to put groups of 2s together then count them 2, 4, 6, 8. Division I would also do initially with something visual like sweets / fruit and say 2 people initially.

1 She is now getting full marks in her tests at school and it's only been a couple of months since we got it.

My OH spends time every night with her doing this book.

It is also asking about division which I have NO idea how to teach him!

I bought a times tables CD from Amazon and play it in the car.

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